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Terry Pratchett is without doubt the single most succesfull British fantasy author currently writing, and some estimates have stated that one percent of all books sold in the UK had his name on the cover! His best known series is of course the Discworld series, 25 of which have now been published. With the popularity of Pratchett, it's no wonder that he has a newsgroup dedicated to him and his books: that newsgroup is, or afp for short. The group was established in 1992 and has evolved into being as much a social newsgroup as it is a newsgroup about Pratchett's various books and other works.

In this afp is not unique: many newsgroups have grown from being strictly about a particular subject to a social gathering of likemided people. What is fairly unique are all the extra activities afp has spawned, like the irc servers, L-space, the various afpmeets etc.

afp meets

A AFP meet is more or less the same as hanging out with your friends, having a drink or two, or three or four, or... Lots of talking about everything, some geeking and lots of bad puns. Usually there's a report of what happened at the meet posted to the newsgroup, quite often with a list of quotes ripped badly out of context, so watch what you're saying...

To find out where the next meet will be in the Benelux, you can subscribe to the Benelux-meets mailing list by sending an e-mail to with the word "subscribe" in the Subject: field. Submissions for the list should be sent to

Meet reports

In the meantime, you could always do worse then to look at my reports of meets long past and not so long past:

Eindhoven 8.0March 18th 2000
Den Haag 2.0April 15th 2000
Oxford GQ MinimeetMay 6th 2000
The Leiden Meet That Wasn't Announced May 20th 2000
The Amsterdam Bookstore MeetJune 24th 2000
Meet Mike MeetJuly 8th 2000
CCDE 2000July 26th till July 31th 2000
The Penny from Heaven MeetOctober 7th 2000
Naomi's going away partyOctober 14th 2000


Like most "social" newsgroups afp has developed its own culture. One of those things that make afp fun are the afprelationships. Those are just like real relationships, only between afpers. Below is a list of my afprelationships.

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