Non-fiction: economy & globalisation

Fast Food Nation
Eric Schlosser
False Dawn
John Gray
Predatory Globalization: a Critique
Richard Falk
De Antwoorden van het Antiglobalisme
Dirk Barrez
Nickel and Dimed
Barbara Ehrenreich
The Return of Depression Economics
Paul Krugman
Late Victorian Holocausts
Mike Davis
The Seven Sisters
Anthony Sampson
One World, Ready or Not
William Greider
The Arms Bazaar
Anthony Sampson
Reefer Madness
Eric Schlosser
Wall Street
Doug Henwood
McMafia: Crime without Frontiers
Misha Glenny
Belching out the Devil
Mark Thomas
The Shock Doctrine
Naomi Klein
As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela
Mark Thomas
Whoops! Why Everyones Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay
John Lanchester