Non-fiction: History



London the Biography
Peter Acroyd
The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain
Kenneth O. Morgan, editor


Imperial Spain 1469-1716
J. H. Elliott
Roy Porter
Dr. Johnson’s London
Liza Picard
Aces, Erks and Backroom Boys
Edward Smithies
The Steel Bonnets
George MacDonald Fraser
The Thirty Years’ War
Geoffrey Parker (editor)


The Guns of August
Barbara Tuchmann
Salt: A World History
Mark Kurlansky
The Great Game
Peter Hopkirk
The Pound: a Biography
David Sinclair
The First World War
John Keegan
My Enemy’s Enemy
George Crile
Dominic Lieven


The Good War
Studs Terkel
A History of the Middle East
Peter Mansfield
The Victorian Internet
Tom Standage
Age of Extremes
Eric Hobsbawm
A Distant Mirror
Barbara Tuchman
Practising History
Barbara Tuchman
Geschiedenis van Middelburg
Peter Sijnke & Tobias van Gent


The Balkans 1804-1999
Misha Glenny
The Mediterranean Vol. 1
Fernand Braudel
The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe
George Holmes (Editor)
The Mediterranean Vol. 2
Fernand Braudel
The Proud Tower
Barbara Tuchman
The Spanish Civil War
Burnett Bolloten
Women of the Klan
Kathleen M. Blee
The Fatal Shore
Robert Hughes
The Twelve Caesars
Pity the Nation
Robert Fisk


Age of Capital
Eric Hobsbawm
The Making of the English Working Class
E. P. Thompson


The Fall of Yugoslavia
Misha Glenny
The Victorians
A. N. Wilson
Industry and Empire
Eric Hobsbawm
After the Victorians
A. N. Wilson
Tournament of Shadows
Karl Meyer & Shareen Brysac
On History
Eric Hobsbawm
Waar Historie Huis Houdt
Jan Marijnissen
The Zimmermann Telegram
Barbara Tuchman
The Fall of the Roman Empire
Peter Heather


The Fall of Rome
Bryan Ward-Perkins
The Celtic Empire
Peter Berresford Ellis
The Peoples of the Hills
Charles Burney & David Marshall Lang
London: A Social History
Roy Porter
The Assassination of Julius Caesar
Michael Parenti
Tony Judt
The Mediterranean: Portrait of a Sea
Ernle Bradford
The Later Roman Empire
Averil Cameron
Europe of the Ancien Régime 1715-1783
David Ogg
Europe: Privilege and Protest 1730-1789
Olwen Hufton
The World Turned Upside Down
Christopher Hill
Europe Between Revolutions 1815-1848
Jacques Droz
The Structures of Everyday Life
Fernand Braudel
Last van de Oorlog
Stef Scagliola
Britain’s Gulag
Caroline Elkins
Sand Against the Wind
Barbara W. Tuchman
Silencing the Past
Michel-Rolph Trouillot
Under an English Heaven
Donald E. Westlake
Goths and Romans 332-489
Peter Heather
The Wheels of Commerce
Fernand Braudel
Europe unfolding: 1648-1688
John Stoye
Charles C. Mann
The Road to Verdun
Ian Ousby
Plagues and Peoples
William H. McNeill
A Savage War of Peace
Alistair Horne
The Perspective of the World
Fernand Braudel
The Dutch Republic
Jonathan I. Israel


The Iron Wall
Avi Shlaim
The Great War for Civilisation
Robert Fisk
Judith Herrin
Blessed Among Nations
Eric Rauchway
When Daddy Came Home
Barry Turner & Tony Rennell
The Horn of Africa
Peter Woodward
A Computer Called Leo
Georgina Ferry
Pompeii – The Life of a Roman Town
Mary Beard
The Kingdom of the Hittites
Trevor Bryce
Armed Struggle – The History of the IRA
Richard English
Iron Curtain – From Stage to Cold War
Patrick Wright
Renaissance Europe 1480-1520
J. R. Hale
Vive La Revolution
Mark Steel
The General Strike
Margaret Morris
English History 1914-1945
A. P. J. Taylor
Northern Shores
Alan Palmer
The End of the Bronze Age
Robert Drews


Mesopotamia: the Invention of the City
Gwendolyn Leick
The Trojans and their Neighbours
Trevor Bryce
The Reconstruction of Nations
Timothy Snyder
Hitler’s Empire
Mark Mazower
The Babylonians: An Introduction
Gwendolyn Leick
The Ruin of the Roman Empire
James J. O’Donnell
Backroom Boys
Francis Spufford
Airfix Kits
Trevor Pask
Empires and Barbarians
Peter Heather
Emperor of the West
Hywel Williams
Rome’s Gothic Wars
Michael Kulikowski


The Wages of Destruction
Adam Tooze
Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West 376-568
Guy Halsall
The Making of Late Antiquity
Peter Brown
The Goths
Peter Heather
Empires of the Sea
Roger Crowley
Framing the Early Middle Ages
Chris Wickham
The Inheritance of Rome
Chris Wickham
Three Victories and a Defeat
Brendan Simms
Early Medieval Settlements
Helena hamerow
The Second Anglo-Dutch War
Gijs Rommelse
When Bagdhad Ruled the Muslim World
Hugh Kennedy
The Thirty Years War
Peter H. Wilson
The Early Middle Ages
Rosamond McKitterick
An Imperial Possession
David Mattingly
The Last Valley
Martin Windrow
The Wars of the Roses
Christine Carpenter
Carthage Must Be Destroyed
Richard Miles
Troy and Homer
Joachim Latacz
Europe after Rome
Julia M. H. Smith
Indo-Roman Trade
Roberta Tomber
Graham Robson
Hellenistic and Roman Sparta
Paul Cartledge & Antony Spawforth
The Crusades 1071 – 1291
Jean Richard
Singled Out
Virginia Nicholson


War, State and Society in England and the Netherlands, 1477-1559
Steven Gunn, David Grummitt & Hans Cools
Mediterranean Front
Alan Moorehead
A Year of Battle
Alan Moorehead
The Crisis of the Twelfth Century — Thomas N. Bisson The End in Africa
Alan Moorehead
Seventeenth-century Burma and the Dutch East India Company 1634-1680
Wil O. Dijk
Charlemagne: the Formation of a European Identity
Rosamond McKitterick
The Empress Theodora
James Allan Evans
The Making of Europe
Robert Bartlett
The End
Ian Kershaw
James Delgado
Norman London
William Fitz Stephen
From Egypt to Babylon
Paul Collins
The Saxon Shore
Valerie A. Maxfield (editor)
Bombers & Mash
Raynes Minns
Roger II of Sicily
Hubert Houben
Imperial Women in Byzantium 1025 – 1204
Barbara Hill
Iron Kingdom
Christopher Clark


De Februari-staking
B. A. Sijes
Invented Knowledge
Ronald H. Fritze
Calcio: a History of Italian Football
John Foot
1938 Hitler’s Gamble
Giles MacDonogh
The Normans
Marjorie Chibnall
Vanished Kingdoms
Norman Davies


Women in Medieval Europe 1200-1500
Jennifer Ward
The European Colonial Empires
H. L. Wesseling
A Biography of No Place
Kate Brown
An English Affair
Richard Davenport-Hines
A History of the Vandals
Torsten Cumberland Jacobsen


Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
Vijay Prashad
The Rise of Cities in North-West Europe
Adriaan Verhulst
A History of Future Cities
Daniel Brook
The Myth of the Strong Leader
Archie Brown
Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen
Johan Huizinga
Great Powers and the Quest for Hegemony
Jeremy Black
A Man of Three Worlds
Mercedes García-Arenal & Gerard Wiegers


The Sleepwalkers
Christopher Clark