Non-fiction: Science

Bully for Brontosaurus
Stephen Jay Gould
Here Be Dragons
David Koerner & Simon LeVay
The Third Chimpanzee
Jared Diamond
Wonderful Life
Stephen Jay Gould
The Globe: The Science of Discworld II
Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen
Russia in Space
Brian Harvey
Evolving the Alien
Jack Cohen & Ian Stewart
The Boilerplate Rhino
David Quammen
Spineless Wonders
Richard Conniff
The Demon in the Freezer
Richard Preston
Dark Life
Michael Ray Taylor
Mary Roach
Eternal Darkness
Robert D. Ballard
Thieves, Deceivers and Killers
William Agosta
Virus Ground Zero
Ed Regis
Snowball Earth
Gabrielle Walker
Richard Fortey
The Mapmakers
John Noble Wilford
The Eternal Frontier
Tim Flannery
A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawkings
Forever Young
Jim Schnabel
Guns, Germs, and Steel
Jared Diamond
Gale E. Christianson
Victorian Engineering
L.T.C. Rolt
Ecology of Fear
Mike Davis
Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe
J. Richard Gott
The Dinosaur Heresies
Robert T. Bakker
A Rum Affair
Karl Sabbagh
Java Man
Garniss Curtis, Carl Swisher & Roger Lewin
The Hidden Landscape
Richard Fortey
The Blind Watchmaker
Richard Dawkins
The Diversity of Life
E. O. Wilson
Upheaval from the Abyss
David M. Lawrence
The Earth: an Intimate History
Richard Fortey
Rivers of Time
Peter D. Ward
Evolution’s Workshop
Edward J. Larson
A Crack in the Edge of the World
Simon Winchester
Life on a Young Planet
Andrew H. Knoll
The Horned Dinosaurs
Peter Dodson
The State of the Universe
Pedro G. Ferreira
The Cosmic Landscape
Leonard Susskind
The Ancestor’s Tale
Richard Dawkins
In Search of Planet Vulcan
Richard Baum & William Sheehan
Dying Planet
Robert Markley
Bad Science
Ben Goldacre
The Red Hourglass
Gordon Grice
Ted Nield
An Ocean of Air
Gabrielle Walker
The Constants of Nature
John D. Barrow
The Extravagant Universe
Robert P. Kirshner
The Hubble Wars
Eric J. Chaisson
Richard Fortey
Dry Store Room No.1
Richard Fortey
Why Buildings Fall Down
Matthy Levy & Mario Salvador
The Origins of the British
Stephen Oppenheimer
Taming the Infinite
Ian Stewart
Wendy Williams
Dawkins vs Gould
Kim Sterelny
At the Edge of the Solar System
Alain Doressoundiram & Emmanuel Lellouch
The Earth
Richard Fortey
Rosalind Franklin
Brenda Maddox
Fly by Wire
William Langewiesche
Martian Summer
Andrew Kessler
The Amoeba in the Room
Nicholas P. Money