Club of 10 million

So I just read in the Metro (a free newsrag) about the socalled “Club of 10 million“, a group of concerned citizens convinced that the netherlands are overpopulated and hence urgent measures are called for. They call themselves the “club of ten million”, which neatly shows how many people they think are too much here (some six million). The reasoning behind this is that with fewer people sharing our resources, the better the quality of life for the survivors will be…

They plan to, like certain politicians I could name, restrict the amount of asylum seekers settling here as well as stop us fucking so much -or at least, fucking to get children. No idea how they want to do that exactly, though apparantely they plan on starting information campaigns and there was some ominous mumbling in the piece about having to enforce procreation restrictions at some point.

I wonder how many club members have given the right example and sterilised themselves. Anybody who believes in their ideals should at least make sure he or she doesn’t procreate anymore, eh?

As for me, I’d think there are better ways to solve the problems we have in this country then by condemning 6 million people to death. Not to mention that the Dutch population is due for a drop anyway and the only reason it still keeps growing slowly is because of our migrant populations of Turks, Morrocans and others, who still believe in large families.

But that couldn’t be what the club is afraid of, surely?