Fake charity

advert for Kika bracelets

At Unfogged they’re annoyed at the juvenile I Love Boobies anti-breast cancer campaign both for its inherent sexism and it’s misguided focus on outdated detection methods. Coincidently, yesterday I got annoyed at a similar sort of charitable campaign at the local hospital S. is staying in (until tomorrow). As you can see from the picture above, in the public canteen they’re now selling these anti-cancer bracelets to benefit Kika. Kika, which stands for “KInderen KAnkervrij” or “children cancer free” is a charity that sponsors research for combatting cancer in children and which supports the seven cancer centra that do this sort of research in the Netherlands. A worthwhile cause and there’s nothing wrong by supporting it by selling some token of compassion for it — unless it costs twelve euro fifty of which only one euro goes to the charity it supposedly supports!

Because that sounds remarkably like using this charity to get rid of the cheap tat you cannot sell on its own merits.