Heartbreak & Heroines kickstarter cancelled

So it turns out Caoimhe/Kynn cancelled her Kickstarter project today:

Dear backers,

Due to situations of which some of you may be aware, I believe it is unfair to continue asking you to fund Heartbreak & Heroines. Therefore, I am closing the kickstarter project to funding and you will not be charged for the amount you pledged.

I thank you for your interest and I hope you will continue to support women-inclusive gaming projects in the future. I especially want to thank Joanne Renaud for her support and great work as the artist for H&H.

Caoimhe Ora Snow

The “situation” she refers to is not something I’m comfortable about discussing here, but certain allegations have been made against her, which have nothing to do with Heartbreak & Heroines itself; for a rough idea of what they are, look here. I’m not sure whom to believe in this or what the facts in this case are, so I’ll refrain from further comment. It doesn’t help that most of this played out on Livejournal which is going through one of its periodical meltdowns at the moment…

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