Your happening world (24)

Cartoonist Tracey Butler provides a huge, insanely over-detailed quick reference guide on drawing facial expressions

Arthur B thinks we need to talk about Conan and whether or not Robert E. Howard’s works are worth reading:

But when it comes to more or less any other motivation for reading fantasy fiction – whether you’re angling for improving literature or trashy fun (or trashy literature or improving fun, for that matter), and assuming you are not someone who deliberately reads badly written and offensive fiction for the lulz, there is really no reason to expend time on Howard when there’s a whole world of authors out there who don’t have his grotesque issues and are simply better writers than he is.

In a discussion about Eastercon, a side remark about the offensiveness of complimenting non-native speakers on their English:

English isn’t an optional extra for a lot of people around the world. They are required to learn English to get by in the international world, because English is the lingua franca. Congratulating them like they’re great students, the way we are when we deign to learn other languages, is ignoring the part where we force them to be good at English by dominating the world with our language and treating people like lesser humans when they don’t speak it (or don’t speak it well, or don’t speak it with the “right” accents).

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