Books read November

Slim pickings this month and being busy at work didn’t help. Though be honest, I was reading 3-4 books at teh same time so I expect a glut of books finished in early December, but for now I’ve only read four books:

Faust Eric — Terry Pratchett
A somewhat odd Discworld novel, as it was originally published as an illustrated chapbook. Eric tries to summon a demon and gets Rincewind instead. Hilarity ensues.

Imperial Women in Byzantium 1025 – 1204 — Barbara Hill
The Byzantine Empire had a larger than usual share of female rulers, no more so than in the period Barbara Hill discusses, when for various reasons there was more room for strong minded women to influence imperial politics.

A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush — Eric Newby
Newby was working as a tailor in London when a friend asked him to come to Afghanistan to visit the remote north east corner, Nuristan and climb some mountains there. Despite no experience as a mountaineer, how could he refuse?

Iron Kingdom — Christopher Clark
A largely sympathetic account of the history of Prussia, trying to avoid the teleology that dogs a lot of German history, looking forward to the Third Reich.

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