Books read January

So we start the sixth year of doing these monthly Wot I Done Read Last Month reports. Back in 2008 I started doing them to at least record something about the books I’d read, as I felt guilty about falling behind with my booklog; something which hasn’t been solved yet. Oh well.

In the meantime, I’ve read five books this month, somewhat below par.

Soul Music, Interesting Times — Terry Pratchett
Two Pratchett novels, of which the latter shows the return of Rincewind and the former stars Susan the first time. Decent but not the best of the Discworld series.

Exit Music — Ian Rankin
The last Rebus novel, as he’s finally retiring. Some loose ends are cleaned up, some aren’t. Even more melancholy and sombre than usual.

The Dark Reign of Gothic Rock — Dave Thompson
A decent chronological history of a sometimes deservedly, much maligned genre, that is smart enough to limit itself to a specific period and grouping of bands, the original English gothic bands like Bauhaus, the Cure and the Cult.

Maskerade — Terry Pratchett
Another Discworld novel, starring the Lancre witches. Doing opera this time.

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