Aho Girl, NTR, Tsurezure Children: First Impression

let’s look at three short length manga based series I’ll probably won’t keep following:

Aho Girl: lots of shouting with few jokes

Aho Girl: an idiot girl shouts until her long suffering, abusive childhood friend snaps again and hits her. That’s the joke. Oh, and she likes bananas. Really really likes bananas. But mostly it’s her shouting nonsense until his patience runs out and he puts her in a wrestling suplex. Having read the manga, this formula doesn’t change much but as other characters get introduced it gets extended somewhat, with Yoshiko’s idiocy rubbing of on others. Problem is that it was never particularly funny. The anime might change that but the first episode didn’t impress.

Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap: NTR is a trash fetish and adding yuri to it doesn’t change much. Two childhood friends go out for karaoke with their respective boyfriends, when the psycho lesbian one starts molesting our protagonist. It’s all abit creepy and unpleasant, not as enjoyable thrashy as Kuzu no Honkai and not as daring either. That actually had people having sex, here there’s only a bit of light anime style groping on the toilet. Had this been a full length episode, there might have been a bit more build-up of why we should care for these people, but now the boyfriends are just cyphers and the two girls not much better.

Tsurezure Children: love vignettes

Tsurezure Children: like Aho Girl based on a four panel gag comic, this one features the love stories of several teenage couples, from the pure to the blatantly cynical. Problem is, with what seemed like a half dozen couples featured in the first episode and no reason to care for any of them, the actual stories are too slight to care about them. Some of them actively pissed me off in fact, like the somewhat rapey student council president forcing the cigarette smoking deliquent into kissing him. Not my humour.

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