Five minutes of this douche shouting was enough to put me off watching this series. Not that I had much hope for Black Clover to begin with, as I’d already tried and dropped the manga it was based on for being too dull, too generic. There’s always the chance that an adaptation will be enough of an improvement to keep my interest (Aho Girl being the most recent example), but as I’ve found out time and again, usually it doesn’t.

Black Hero: the most obnoxious of obnoxious Shounen protagonist

The problem I had was contemplating spending more than just a couple of minutes with this godawful protagonist. Even without the hellisch screeching he is annoying, a spikey haired idiot who thinks enthusiasm is an adequate substitute for talent, having all the faults of your typical Shounen battler protagonist, with none of the charm. Add in that the first we see of him he’s harassing a nun (!) to marry him and it was bye-bye Black Clover. I just didn’t want to see this asshole getting power thrown in his lap or follow him on whatever kind of derivative quest he was undoubtly going to go on because I know he would irritate me to no end each week. Anime has no shortage of unlikeable male protagonists, but this one takes the cake.

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