Good man

Pantera’s Phil Anselmo engaged in his usual tired racist provocation, Robb Flynn calls him out on it, as well as the larger metal community for allowing it. It’s no secret that metal has a bit of a racism problem, so it’s good to see people be outspoken about it and not trying to sweep it under the carpet.


Drop your new album on Friday, die on Sunday. Rock and Roll as fuck.

Can’t say much more about Bowie than everybody has already said by now. As a child of the eighties I at first only knew him as one of those old fogey rockers who’d lived on beyond their prime, delivering the occassional half-decent song but mostly irrelevant. That and Space Oddity, a favourite of my music teacher in high school. It’s only been much, much later that I learned of the real Bowie. Even as he was dying he could still deliver something as powerful as this. A lesser artist would give their eyeteeth to have achieved even a tenth of his.


Bloem was a Dutch band who had their greatest hit with a somewhat corny song a couple of years before this one, a true one hit wonder. I stumbled across this one on one of those nostalgia tv channels; it’s been years since I last heard it. Only a minor hit, a darkly cynical pisstake off the inferiory complex of Dutch language pop singers, “because French is so much more romantic and English more mature”, at a time when the Nederpop boom was just gathering steam. The eighties were a time when a new generation of Dutch musicians, inspired by punk and its d.i.y. ethos no longer wanted to imitate English or American pop but went to sing in their own language. But sadly for Bloem it was too late. A couple of decent songs, two albums and lack of support from their record company meant they called it quits in 1983.

Kill Me (Ce Soir) — Golden Earring

As a kid growing up in the eighties Golden Earring was just one of those old pop bands that had been around forever, who had a couple of hits everybody knew and of course there was that deeply scary video they did in 1984. It’s only later I knew how influential they could’ve been had they been British or American rather than Dutch. Even so, no one other than Iron Maiden covered this song; it turns out Steve Harris is a fan.