Sandra wouldn’t have liked this

Spider in front of our front room window

Big fuckoff spider hanging in front of our front window, bold as you please. There are plenty of spiders in the garden too, spinning webs between the washing lines and the small table or chair outside. I don’t mind them there, but they can’t come in. Sandra of course was a dedicated arachnophobeand hated seeing any spider in the house, though not so much outside.

(Dreamed of her incidently, one of those dreams where you know she’s dead, but there’s a perfectly logical explenation for why she’s now alive again. Maudlin, more than upsetting.)

Mother of Storms

Living as I do in my cozy little corner of northwest Europe, where things like volcanos or earthquakes, let alone tornadoes, just don’t happen, it’s hard to understand the sheer scale of destruction a tornado like the one that hit Moore, OK yesterday can leave behind. Seeing videos like the one above just leave me gobsmacked. Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom and finding your dog alive though your house is flattened must give this woman some sort of comfort: