Var is the disease, Waccine the cure — Macross Delta

Macross Delta: yet another love triangle

Well, they said Macross Delta would have several love triangles, not just one. So how about a Hayate-Freyja-Mikumo one? Those two certainly seem to share some sort of bond and it would be novel to have a bisexual love triangle for a change. Probably won’t happen though. But wouldn’t it be great if it did?

Macross Delta: best couple

Speaking of great things, best couple has to be those two, Makina & Reina. They’re not just nice together, they’re nice to their friends/comrades as well. Case in point, fixing up Hayate’s brand new VF-31 Siegfried Verifech Fighter so that it works with his unique approach of not using AI control systems. That’s one of the things I like the most about Macross Delta, the camaraderie and lack of pointless antagonism between the main characters.

Macross Delta: infodumping through flirting

One of the funnier moments this episode came early. One of the waitresses at the welcome party for Hayate & Freyja ineptly flirts with uberserious Walkure pilot Messner asking about the Waccine concert tour, providing an opportunity for a bit of infodumping. Courtesy of her kid brother jumping in and ruining the moment. Cleverly done, though not so much that whole Walkure + vaccine = Waccine thingy.

Macross Delta: kawaii

That whole party scene was a delight from start till end. Some very cute things happened in the background as the show got some exposition out of the way, like Reina’s obvious enjoyment of her food. That’s the sort of thing I like to see in my Macross and Delta so far has it in spades. The world building has been top notch as well, shown mostly through this kind of throwaway background detail.

Macross Delta: Basara is still the greatest asshole in the galaxy

In this episode Freyja explained a bit more about her motivations to leave Windermere and join Walkure. Apparantly an Earthman had given her a music device with terrestrial music, otherwise banned on the planet and she became hooked. Of course it had all the previous series’ idols: Lynn Minmay, Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee and yes, Fire Bomber, featuring the Galaxy’s greatest asshole, Basara.

Macross Delta: First Lady of Space Soul - Lynn Minmay

Friday Funnies: Kanojo wa Rokurokubi

Kanojo wa Rokurokubi

Mixing fantastic elements into a standard slice of life/romance/comedy manga is nothing new: what sets Kanojo wa Rokurokubi apart is how low key it’s done. For all practical purposes Kanoi Natsuki is a normal high school girl even if she’s a rokurokubi, a traditional Japanese monster with a hugely elongated and stretchable neck (which can be very handy if you want to cool your head in the fridge without leaving your room). She has two friends she hangs out with, one of which is another traditional Japanese monster (youkai) type, the other of which always wears a mask covering her face, as well as a childhood friend she still hasn’t quite admitted to herself she’s in love with. The stories are typical slice of life stuff as she struggles to define her relationship with that childhood friend and whether or not she wants to do anything with him

Kanojo wa Rokurokubi

I like Nieki Zui’s artstyle, who draws much more realistic figures and faces than you’d normally see in this type of manga, with the characters emotions similarly cool and understated. It gives the series a bit of weight, a feel that these are real people rather than a collection of tropes. The humour is again cool rather than exaggerated, which works well with the overall style of the series. What I also like is that the existence of these youkai is treated in the story as no big deal. People are aware that they exist, it’s no secret nor a huge stigma and basically nobody cares that Kanoi can stretch her neck really really long. Unless they’re hit in the back because she sleep stretches in class that is.

2016 is a hell of a year

You expected maybe a Prince video here, considering he died today? Too bad, it’s Victoria Wood, who died yesterday. 2016 has been a hell of a year for seeing your old heroes die. An underrated comedian I only got to know because Sandra liked her a lot, especially this particular song.

Macross Delta 3 – deculture and a half

Macross Delta: this mercat is the key to victory

It’s the third episode and it’s time for a trainings montage. As well as mercat antics. Hayate Immelman gets the pleasure of having Mirage Farina Jenius as his tutor, while Freyja Wion is starting idol training with the Walkures. in between their respective training sequences there’s a bit of light hearted slice of life starring an evil mercat stealing fish from the restaurant/lodgings Hayate is staying at. This will turn out to be more important than it first seems.

Macross Delta: The VF1 is the B-52 of the Macrossverse

Hayate is trained on the VF-1EX, the trainer variant of the venerable VF-1 from the original Macross. Which took place in 2009 while Delta is set almost sixty years later, in 2067, giving the VF-1 a time in service rivaling that of the real world B-52 which first flew in the fifties and is still used today. Of course the plane is upgraded somewhat from its first appearance, going full CGI here. It also looks a little bit less a blatant F-14 knockoff than the original.

Macross Delta: Hayate inspires Freyja inspires Hayate

Both Hayate and Freyja are not doing too hot up until the former is in his final exam, a mock dogfight against Mirage, watched by Freyja. She wants to help him in some way and the Walkures leader reminds her that she has her own fight. Freyja takes this to heart and starts to sing while stretching out her hand towards Hayate’s plane. Which begs the question: if Hayate can only fly well when Freyja sings and Freyja can only sing well if she sees him fly, what good are they on their own? I do love how well they fit together though; an even nicer couple than Frontier‘s Ranka Lee/Alto Saotome. Whether the oneside belligerent (sexual?) tension between Mirage and Hayate can cope is anybody’s guess. Focus here was very much on Hayate & Freyja this episode: need more Mirage next time.

Macross Delta: can anybody in real life actually do that Walkure sign?

In the end of course Hayate’s raw talent and instincs win it from Mirage’s experience and guile, as inspired by how that thieving mercat evaded attacks, he finally manages to shoot her. Freyja meanwhile sings her heart out and gets appreciative comments from the Walkure team members. Two of whom were casually established to live together earlier in the episode btw, which is irrelevant but still nice to see. in other news, I can actually do that Walkure hand gesture, which puts it one ahead of the Spock sign.