Metal Monday: Anthrax

Right, there are four classic thrash metal bands, right? Metallica is the one everybody knows, good but overrated, Megadeth, the one started by the guy kicked out of Metallica, Slayer, serious and scary and finally Anthrax, not at all serious but the best of the lot (some of you might want to substitute Sepultura for any of the first three bands). And the reason they are the best of the big four is because they didn’t take everything so damn seriously. They didn’t sing about nazis and evil and death and satan, but had songs about Judge Dredd (as seen last week) and John Belushi. They were also one of the two bands that turned me into a metalhead back in ’87, ’88 or so, the other being Maiden. Discovering yank comics at the same time, nothing was as cool as reading the shoutouts to Watchmen, Batman and Judge Dredd in the liner notes of Amongst the Living.

Welcome to the Belly of the Beast.


Bring the Noise.

Got the time?