Welcome to Cloggie, my very own vanity site. Below is a overview of its many splendours.


Wis[s]e Words Books
My own personal weblog. Heavy on politics, but hopefully also filled with other interesting stuff. I've been keeping a booklog since January 2001 when I realised that for the life of me I couldn't remember what I had read two months ago. It has since become somewhat of an obsession.
Linkse Gedachten Progressive Gold
My Dutch language weblog, which focuses on local politics. Sandra and I run this blog together focusing on US/UK/Dutch politics enlightened by sniffs of culture, fashion, science and squids.
afp Science fiction
afp has existed since 1992 and I've been involved since 1998/99. It's a friendly, geeky interesting newsgroup, that has long since broadened its focus to other things beside the works of Terry Pratchett. I've always read science fiction and this section of the website reflects my interest in it. I've put up some reviews I did of science fiction available via Project Gutenberg, as well as most of the millennium themed reviews James Nicoll did for rasfw.

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