Cloggie: afp: CCDE 2000 prologue


The fun really started tuesday night, when I had a panic attack about what to bring to ccde, probably familiar to everybody who's ever gone on holiday.

"What should I bring, how much, how can i take it, my god it's not going to fit. Oh dear oh dear oh dear."

If you were on irc that night you will have heard me moaning about it.

Tuesday night turned into wednesday morning and I woke up at 6 AM, still having to pack most of my gear but at least knowing what I should bring. One emergency packing later and I was off to work. That's right, I had to lug all my gear into work to go straight from there to the Leiden premeet!

Fortunately I had had an attack of common sense the night before and decided not to go by train to there, instead I'd asked Daniel Proost to pick me up, which he did, the sweetheart that he is. Still, I did have to get my gear into work first, which was not simple, to say the least. Imagine me with a backpack on, a sporting bag and supersoaker in one hand and a plastic bag with tent in the other. Great fun trying to use the tram and metro with that.

Anyhow, after some struggle and a loooong and boring workday I got picked up by Dan and Cybercat (Michel) and off we went to Patrick's place, to discover he had already gone to the meet. So we went off too.

At the meet

Attending: Daniel, Jeroen, Jeroen B, Martin, Menno, Michel, Patrick, Pieter, Rolf, Stig and Uwe.

Apart from Jeroen B. and Pieter, everybody was going to be at ccde too, so there was much anticipation and such. The absence of much of the other regulars was explained by them being in the UK already, the lucky sods. (Unlike Jeroen who at least had the decency to fly back from Ireland before going to CCDE...)

Stig, of course had flown in from Norway a couple of days before to join the cloggie caravan and I had already met him in Amsterdam, when we went for some drinks together. Pieter and Menno, better known as Flexor on lspace irc, were new, although it turned out that the last time Pieter had been to a meet was at the premeet for CCDE 1999...

Menno, otoh, is the type to jump in with both feet: this was his first meet and he went along to ccde too. This despite being around for only what? 1, 2 months? Lucky for us that he did too, because he would bring his own car, which came in handy for the allocated room in Daniel's and the Milde bros' cars was a little bit too small for the original eight of us, let alone adding a ninth!

Of course, being the night before the big day, the meet didn't last that long, with most of us going to Patrick's place where we would've to get up at 4:30 the next morning to get dressed, showered and in general spic and span to go to ccde.

Some quotes where written down by your not so humble narrator, being:


(to Pieter) You're supposed to RSVP, you know.
RSVP? Is that some kind of cognac?
Dejanews has a notice claiming copyright on all info in usenet posts
That's okay, there's no info in usenet posts anyway
Oxymoron: a rusty merkin
What's the planet Yoda's from?
I do not know that
Know not he does.
Lspace stock certificates costs you lots of money, gets you nothing... just like any other .com
If Arwen heard of this discussion, we would be so dead [1]
You want George to drool over you again?[2]
No, my tent is red enough as it is already
Got you, got you, got you!
You never had me! In your dreams!
No, I never had you in my dreams, I never have nightmares.

[1] I have no idea what this was about anymore. Honest.
[2] Talking about Patrick wearing a suit at CCDE.

Forward to thursday.

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