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With the jolly sound of the alarm clock, or in our case a certain Turtle, the big day begun. Dressed and showered, we went to split eight people plus luggage over two cars to begin the trip to Hoek, where we would meet with Menno again and get some breathing space back. Personally I had to share a backseat with Patrick, the other being filled with miscellanious jun^Wluggage. Neither of us being what you called thin, I was glad to see the ferry at last.

Tradition[1] demands that the second day of a NL-meet has juggling, but this time we settled for staring vacantly and pretending to be awake.

Four hours later we were in England, together with what seemed to be the entire Thriumph owning population of Europe. Why do the nicest cars always have incredible pillocks as their owner?

Anyways, to make a long story just a little shorter, we arrived at Woolpit at about 1 PM, to find we were not the first ones there. Also just arrived were Paul and Johanna and we were later joined by such people as John "J" Barbario, Supermouse, George and Jester plus the Sheffield crowd, who had hired their own minibus. They had also brought their own alarm clock, aka Kaiser, who decided that 6 am friday morning was late enough to get up and started barking.

Now inbetween clowning around, meeting people and renewing old friendships, people still had to set up their tents, an activity that filled me with just a little dread, having never done this before. However, with some pointers and help from Uwe and Rolf this went well.

That afternoon we also went for food and the necessary supplies to survive the long ccde weekend: bread, lime marmelade, choco spread, tea, Irn-Bru, Coke and more fizzy carbonated drinks. In a daring culinary experiment, Patrick would later combine the lime marmalade and chocospread. It tasted better then it really should've.

Pretty soon after that, it was time to head off in the direction of Ipswich, for the premeet to be held there which was, thanks to Barry V.'s excellent directions, pretty easy to find. Even if we had to take quite a roundabout route to get there. Apart from us cloggies, Supermouse was also dragged along.

When we got there, we were enthusiatically received by both Barries, R and V, Arwen, Sarah, Aquarion and several others, including the neighbours cute, ickle cat... For some reason we kept standing in the driveway while some of us were deciding which pizzas to order. We eventually went inside though and settle down to watch The Iron Giant on DVD, followed by South Park, Bigger, Longer, Uncut and The Meaning of Life.

While those movies were going on, a stream of commentary was kept up by various people, turning into singing when South Park was put on. I had seen the movie before so I heartily sung along with Barry V. and Aquarion.

After _The Meaning of Life_, with many people earning 20p fines during the showing thereof by singing along to the sperm song, the cloggie section went back to Woolpit to get a good night sleep. Probably the last we would have during ccde.

[1] Everything that happens once on a Dutch afpmeet is a tradition. Anything that happens twice is an ancient tradition.


link to bigger picture waiting to get onto the ferry: Uwe, Rolf and Patrick link to bigger picture Me, on the ferry
link to bigger picture Arrived at Woolpit, Flexor is armed and not very dangerous link to bigger picture Stig and Johanna letting their pet turtle and platypus cuddle
link to bigger picture Setting up the tents: Flexor, Uwe, Labrat link to bigger picture More people arriving l-r: Stig, Ingvar, Collete Reap, Alan Bellingham, Warwick and Rolf
link to bigger picture George and Jester link to bigger picture As night sets in at Woolpit...
link to bigger picture Pizza is being ordered at the Ipswich meet (l-r Aquarion, Brian, Barry R. Arwen, Rolf and Simon Callan link to bigger picture Watching the Iron Giant on dvd.
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