24 Hour Comics Day in Amsterdam

I missed it again this year, but the first weekend of October was 24 hour comics day, when cartoonists worldwide take the challenge to produce a full length comic (24 pages) in 24 hours. In Amsterdam it’s traditionally held in Lambiek, the world’s oldest comics shop still existing and 2010 was no exception. The idea for 24 hour comics came out of a conversation between Steve Bissette and Scott McCloud, the idea being to do a completely spontaneous comics. It’s a good exercise to losen up the drawing muscles, forcing you to not to think, but draw. Over at Remco Wetzels’ blog, you can see what one participant came up with.

The video below was made by Michael Minneboo and shows how this day went two years ago (only in Dutch, sadly):

(I almost had a heart attack watching this, as one of the artists seen in the background almost could be my twin: same build, similar face and such.)


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  • Emma

    October 13, 2010 at 2:41 am

    Oh noes ! I’m famous !
    I must say though, Mr Scott, that I found out this year that 24HCD can be quite dangerous. I participated third time this year, in Lambiek – I’m the very nervous girl with the dreadlocks.
    I was doing fine, I think ; however, on my way home sundayafternoon I got an epileptic insult :-( because I did not sleep for 30 hours. And I don’t officially suffer from epilepsy so it was quite a shock! Apparently not-sleeping can cause an epileptic insult .. And now I can’t drive a car until april. Grmbl.
    BUT I did manage 24 pages this year ! (Which is a good thing because I am not allowed to participate every again, thanks to my sudden epilepsy.) And the fact that you posted this little video on your twitter made one of my friends almost die of jaelousy so that was pretty much worth it too.
    Cheers ! :D