The military wing of melanie phillips

The guys at Blood and Treasure are discussing the Norway Attacks and how the ideology behind it sounds so familiar. Ken MacLeod sums up:

Familiar indeed. ‘Cultural Marxism’, the Frankfurt School, feminism and political correctness as the root of the problem, the EU apparat as its enforcer, Muslim immigration and terrorism as its consequence or indeed as its weapon … now where have we heard these ideas before?

An ideology for justifying violence against racial minorities, the Left and the labour movement has been developing in plain sight, rather than in the underworld of NSDAP re-enactors. And it overlaps mainstream right-wing thinking.

There have warnings that this sort of atrocity would happen sooner or later in Europe. It’s not just the rhetoric that came along in the wake of the The War Against Terror, but also a slew of incidents in which rightwing extremists were caught with enough explosives to kill a small town, or massing guns, or with chemical warfare equipment, largely going unreported in the media. Remember the ex-BNP members and their weapons cache that nobody wanted to call terrorists? In the last decade there has been a climate in which Islamophobia and fear of “Eurabia”, the susposed clash of civilisations have become mainstream, in that these are no longer extreme opinions to hold, but arguments that can be seriously debated by serious mainstream commentators. In that climate, when day in day out you have certain politicians (Wilders not being the last example to come to mind and loonies in the media foaming at the mouth about the life and death struggle “Islam” and “the west” are locked into, it should not come as a surprise one of the internet hard men ranting about striking a blow for civilisation actually did.


  • Martin Wisse

    July 25, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Not that Melanie Philips advocates violence of course, but rhetoric like hers does contribute to a climate in which nutters feel justified to use violence against political opponents.

  • W.Kasper

    July 28, 2011 at 3:08 am

    She does advocate violence in Gaza (or pretends its the sole responsibility of Palestinians), and even accuses the Israeli government of being too soft and complacent.