Sinfest old skool

Sinfest is a webcomic that got started back in the stone age, in 2000 and quickly gained a lot of buzz amongst the kind of people who read Userfriendly or Sluggy Freelance. It was funny enough, well drawn, much better than the standards of the time, but it never struck me. I read it, but didn’t really follow it. One reason for this is shown in the strip above; it was somewhat on the sexist side, with the main character being a self proclaimed pimp.

But now look below for a recent strip; something has changed. Over the last couple of years Tatsuya Ishida has slowly evolved his comic to the point where he now can make jokes about white knighting and mansplaining. His art has gotten better, his writing has deepened but his politics really have changed and for the better.

Sinfest today

I would like to see some more mainstream attention for Sinfest and other web comics like, those that have been slugging on for a decade or more, and how they changed and evolved over the years, or not. Shaenen Garrity already devoted one column at TCJ to it, but I’d love to see a proper interview done, like one of those monsters Tom spurgeon tends to do on Sundays.

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