Pouring a pint in a quart pot

only part of the thirtysomething boxes of books and comics

So in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, my dad hired a man with a van and schlepped twentyfive years or so of comics and books from the parental home to Amsterdam. Above is only a small part of the thirtysomething boxes: sixteen long boxes of comics, a couple of short magazine size boxes and a lot of banana boxes from the local supermarket. Luckily I had a lot of book shelve space left, not to mention the build-in wardrobe — the clothes can all be scrunged up, can’t they?

There’s a lot of crap in these boxes of course. I started collecting comics properly in about 1987 so was there just in time for the speculation driven Image years; I still have Youngblood #1 fer chrissakes. Most of these aren’t worth anything anymore, so I can’t really sell them, don’t want to keep them, but also don’t want to dump as wastepaper. So who could I do a pleasure with them?

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