Who’s the real fake nerd now

Fake geek girl not so  fake aksually

So the whole idea of the fake geek girl, that there are women who pretend to be geekish but are only doing it to be popular (!?), is one of the more moronic inventions of contemporary fandom. It’s the snobbishness of the smallminded, those who think life is an endless high school struggle between the cool kids and the chess club and are now recoiling in horror as the mundanes invade their domains. Hence you get all these sort of tests, almost exclusively aimed at women, to prove that somebody isn’t a real geek, for not knowning such essential things as who the first captain of the Enterprise was in some hideous real life version of the Eltingville comic-book-science-fiction-fantasy-horror and role playing club trivia-off.

And sometimes these feckers get it wrong, like here, when the “steampunk gender swapped Joker in a Willy Wonka hat” actually turns out to be another DC character all together and our trufan hero turns out not to know as much as he thinks he does…

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