Friday Funnies: grief is weird

This comic reduced me to a sobbing wreck.

always distressing to see a loved one in a dream knowing they are dead

I had those dreams in which it turned out that Sandra isn’t dead, but still in hospital, or she’s just there as we go about our daily business, only to wake up and realise that of course it’s all a lie. There’s nothing as nerve wrecking, as guilt inducing and soul crushing as waking up from that sort of dream and Sara Goetter captured it well. All three of her comics dealing with the grief over the death of her mother are excellent depictions of what it feels like to lose someone dear to you in fact, hard to read because of it. It’s been a while since I had to cry this hard over Sandra, it having been five year since she died after all, but this went through all of my defences like a punch to the gut.

(For something lighter by her, this comic about spotting and wanting to befriend a fellow geek in middle school is adorkable.)

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  • Robert

    May 1, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    A decade after my dad died I still got ambushed like that, although noticeably less so than five years after. Still happens, but only a few times a year now.

    It’s trite, but time does heal losses. The hole never goes away, but it doesn’t hurt as much when you poke it.

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