Kakegurui — First Impression

A gambling savant joins an academy where gambling is everything to defeat cheating villains who make faces like this when winning:

Kakegurui: villain o-face

Which in turn makes her make a face like this:

Kakegurui: hero o-face

So if you like crazy faces in your anime, this is the series for you. The first episode was a bit boring, too much time wasted on establishing the audience stand-in Blandy McBlandface and a too realistic a card cheat that the blonde villain used. Second episode was much better, with the student council member that likes to collect nails from her opponent being sufficiently crazy to keep up with our hero. The game too lost all precedence of being anything real humans could do, which paradoxically makes it easier to swallow that she figures out the trick in just one game. Kakegurui‘s success will depend on how well it can keep upping the stakes. Each game should be more over the top, each villain should be more satisfactory to see pulled down and each of our hero’s orgasms at winning should be more intense than the last one. Keep that up and I’ll keep watching.

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